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Dear Scared Mom or Dad,

So, your perfect baby has just received the diagnosis of a brachial plexus injury.  I know your worries, your fears, and your concerns.  I know the feeling of being lost and not knowing where to turn because the doctors you know (local pediatricians) cannot tell you what to do because they have never treated this diagnosis before.  I know the unsettling feeling you get when you are told, “just wait and see what happens”.  I know these things because on July 31, 2018, I was in your exact shoes.  I was there when no one would tell us what happened to our baby boy.  No one would say why he wasn’t moving his right arm like his left.  There were many times I would just sit and cry because I didn’t know what to do. I remember saying to myself, “I wish my future self could come tell me that everything will be okay”.  I am here to tell you that. Yes, it will be ok. We don’t call our little ones BPI Warriors for nothing.

 First, I would say do your research.  Know the injury, what is wrong, and how it happened.  Know what your baby can and cannot do.  I would personally spend hours researching brachial plexus injuries and what potential things could be in our baby’s future. Things like physical therapy and surgical procedures.  I knew Beckam’s injury so I would know what to expect when we went to see the pediatric orthopedic (that was not specialized in BPI). I had researched so much that when I heard the pediatric orthopedic’s answers and what approach he wanted to take, I knew that it was not going to work for me and my Beckam. Secondly, I strongly suggest that you be a part of a support group on Facebook for BPI.  Not only will this help with the feelings you are having, but it also makes you feel that you are not alone in this.  You have a whole community that backs you and are going through similar situations.  I joined the BPI support group on Facebook and learned so much.  The support group is where I learned that not any doctor will do because you have to see a BPI specialist.  I would look into all the specialists that other parents took their little one to.  After my research, I narrowed it down to two of the best doctors that I thought would work for Beckam.  After seeing the two specialists and hearing their approach to Beckam’s diagnosis, we decided to go with the doctor who we thought would give Beckam the best outcomes.  


Its not easy being the parent.  It can be scary and bring anxiety filled moments because of the unknown.  But stay focused. You are your little one’s number one fan.  Don’t focus on what motion they don’t have at the moment.  Instead, celebrate small victories.  A day from now, a month from now, a year from now - you will look back and instead of crying tears of fear, you will be crying tears of joy.  The journey is bumpy, rough, and filled with ups and downs.  But hold on tight because your little warrior is about to prove to you that yes, BPI WARRIORS can do anything!!!


with much love, 

a scared BPI Mother

a PROUD mother of a BPI WARRIOR



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