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Beckam's Rainbow

Look at our Rainbows!

Bend it for Beckam has made it our mission to spread rainbows to Shriner Childrens Hospital Philadelphia and to help kids like Beckam.  Kids that have BPI or epilepsy.  We also vow to spread acts of kindness in honor of Beckam.  Here are some of Beckam's rainbows that we have accomplished so far!

Beckam's Angel Month 2023.  We are currently raising money for Grayli and her family.  All donations made during the month of March 2023 will go towards Grayli's family for hospital cost, travel expenses, or any of the many things that come with having a child battling sickness.  For more information and updates about Grayli visit our Facebook page: Bend it for Beckam, inc.

Beckam's Angel Month Fundraiser.  For the month of March 2022, we raised money for Jaxton. We chose to help Jaxton because like Beckam, Jaxton has epilepsy.  Jaxton was diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome.  It is a rare form of epilepsy that's medicine resistant, progressive, and life-long.  Jaxton is the only child being studied in the natural history trial of Dravet syndrome in Philadelphia.  Hopefully the work Jaxton is doing will help the doctors fine a cure!  He is such a warrior!  In honor of Beckam, we were able to help raise over $2,000 to help Jaxton! 


Beckam is 3!! Happy Birthday Beckam!!   For Beckam's 3rd birthday we choose 3 BPI warrior babies to give them a toy.  This toy was Beckam's favorite during his physical therapy.  3 turned into 13 thanks to donors!!  We were so excited to be able to give 13 BPI kids a toy that will help their BPI arm strong!


Year 1!! With our  Bend it for Beckam, inc donations in our first year we was able to give back in a big way to Dr. Kozin Clinic at Shriners Childrens Hospital Philadelphia.

Dr. Kozin was Beckam's BPI specialist and surgeon at Shriners Children's Hospital Philadelphia.  He is one of the top BPI specialist in the US and we are so blessed that Beckam was able to be a part of his clinic.  We will forever be grateful to him and his team and with those reason we wanted to give donations raised towards his clinic to not only help their BPI warriors but other patients he sees.


Help us be a rainbow for BPI Warriors!!



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