Beckam's Rainbow: Donations Tracker

Bend it for Beckam is 1!!

Thank you to all of Beckam's Warrior supporters!  Our first year of B4B and donations raised has by far exceeded our expectations.  We are so happy to be able to give back to Dr. Kozin's clinic at Shriners Children's Hospital Philadelphia.  We are excited to see what the new year will bring.  


We are unable to travel to Philadelphia this year to hand Dr. Kozin the donation in person.  These pictures mean so much to us.  We thought we would share where the donation is going too.

Bend it for Beckam, inc has made it our mission to bring awareness to brachial plexus injuries and to help raise donations towards Shriners Children's Hospital Philadelphia, and for BPI warriors.

The monies raised and donated to Bend it for Beckam, inc will go towards Shriners Children's Hospital Philadelphia specifically Dr. Kozin clinic (Beckam's BPI specialist and surgeon) and/or to help other BPI warriors like Beckam.

Dr. Kozin was Beckam's BPI specialist and surgeon at Shriners Children's Hospital Philadelphia.  He is one of the top BPI specialist in the US and we are so blessed that Beckam was able to be a part of his clinic.  We will forever be grateful to him and his team and would like to give back and have donations go towards his clinic to not only help their BPI warriors but other patients he sees.


Donations will be distributed to one of the above during October.  Bend it for Beckam will take the amount raised during the fiscal year (July31 to July 30).  Bend it for Beckam will attend the Walk for Love that supports Shriners Children's Hospital Philadelphia and will distribute monies raised at that time.  The goal for Bend it for Beckam is to deliver the donations in person if possible.

Help us be a rainbow for BPI Warriors!!