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How B4B came to be...

Bend it for Beckam came as a sign.  It is a promise made to our sweet, brave, BPI WARRIOR.

Do you believe in signs?  My sweet Beckam sends me signs and they are rainbows.  That is where our family motto, “When it rains, look for rainbows,” comes from. It is unreal and amazing how these things happen, but I am so thankful to have received so many signs from Beckam. In fact, the creation of B4B came from one of his many signs. 

Here's the story of how           came to be



I’ve been known by many people for how positive I am. Being positive is not something that comes naturally, but is a choice that I decide to make day in and day out. I choose to “See the Good” in all things regardless of the situation or circumstance.  Trust me, it isn’t always the easiest thing to process when your baby becomes an angel. Losing a child is a constant battle that is filled with many ups and downs. What is even harder to face is the fact that these battles will be forever present in my life. It’s like having a constant broken heart that can be felt both emotionally and physically. I know these battles and pains will be present forever and I will be faced with a constant fight to choose light over darkness. I never knew my life would lead me to a place where I constantly and consciously had to fight to choose light, but it is a fight I’m willing to stand for. 

I remember on one of my low weeks feeling so mad and angry.  The only thing I wanted to do was to blast the doctor who delivered Beckam on every outlet I could.  I wanted the whole world to know his name and what he did to my baby.  No one knew about my anger except my family.  During this bad week of mine, I had a coworker come up to me and say, “When I see rainbows, I think of Beckam. Just like when I see flamingos I think of Madison.” Madison is another sweet angel that also left this world too soon.  I thought it was such a sweet comment that others are thinking of my little man every time they see a rainbow.  But that wasn’t enough for Beckam because I didn’t see the sign he sent. 

That day after work I was sitting alone in Beckam’s room listening to music.  I was crying like crazy and thinking how can I do this?  How can I bring awareness with Beckam in mind?  How can I make an impact to the BPI community? As these thoughts were racing through my mind, something came over me and I got the strength to stop crying, wipe the tears, and just talk to Beckam.  In that very moment I made a promise to him that I will be an advocate and show awareness for birth related Brachial Plexus Injuries.  I promised Beckam I will continue his mission and to do him right.  How all of this was going to happen, I wasn’t sure, but it was a promise I was making to him and I was going to see it through. 



That next day at work the same coworker came up to me and gave me one of

Madison’s cards that had her website on it.  She said to me, “I just feel like I

need to give this to you”.  She then takes me to her office to give me one of

Madison’s Hope Ropes.  A Hope Rope is a beaded key chain that Madison had

made during her treatments to fight cancer.  In her office she had a picture of

                                       Madison and taped beside it she had her Bend it for Beckam ribbon. 

                                       This instantly hit me.  I got emotional which doesn’t happen often in front of people.                                         I went to my desk and pulled up Madison’s website.  I read her “About Me” page                                               and I felt the fear and the unknown through Madison’s story.  Beckam and Madison’s                                         stories are different, but the fear that I felt as a mother felt the same.  I then noticed                                           they do blood drives in honor of Madison.  This made me feel happy for Madison’s                                             mom as they are able to keep her mission alive.  As soon as                                                                                       I finished looking at the website I get a snapchat video

                                         from my cousin.  It was of tiny rainbow circles dancing  on

                                         a post.  I instantly knew this was a sign from Beckam and this

                                       is how he wants me  to continue his mission. 

 I felt deep in my heart and soul that Beckam was with Madison.  I believe

he went to her and asked her how to help his mom get back on a positive track.

I believe Madison told Beckam to get his mom to my website -which he did. 

I am so inspired by Madison’s mom and her team at Live Like Madison, Inc.

So much so that here we are on July 31, 2020 on Beckam’s 2nd birthday as Bend it for Beckam, Inc.  I hope you all will continue this journey with me as I try to bring awareness to birth related BPI.  Help me continue my little Mohawk wearing, BPI warrior’s mission.


Check out Madison's Site here

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Be a "RAINBOW" for Madison from Beckam's Mohawk Warrior Crew!!!

Check out her up coming events.  Click the Flamingo!!

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