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Help us Help Grayli!


March is our Beckam’s Angel month. This is the time when Bend it for Beckam raises money for a special cause in honor of him. This year we have chosen to raise money for a sweet little girl, Grayli, and her family. Grayli has recently gone through a terrible time of sickness, which has resulted in her and her family’s lives being drastically turned upside down. Little Grayli’s sickness started with a trip to the ER, but she was sent home after all the tests they ran came back negative. After Grayli was discharged from the hospital, things progressively got worse. Her family ended up taking her back to the ER because she was very lethargic, weak, and not drinking. Once there, the ER doctors quickly decided Grayli should be airlifted to Levines Children’s Hospital. Grayli had more tests ran on her and Levines determined she had a bacterial infection in her blood stream and that her body was in septic shock. The infection started impacting her lungs, kidneys, and heart. Grayli is still at Levines Children’s Hospital fighting this terrible infection and doing her best to get stronger each day. 


We thought Grayli and her family were the perfect people to help for Beckam’s Angel Project. Reading her story, we couldn’t help but think how much Grayli reminded us of our Beckam. She has so much strength and so much fight to overcome whatever obstacle comes her way. We know you can do this Grayli! 


If you feel in your heart to donate to this sweet family to help support them with hospital costs, travel expenses, or any of the many things that come with having a child battling sickness, please do so. 100% of the money raised goes directly to her family to use however they need. We appreciate anything you can donate for this family and please send all the prayers and positive thoughts Grayli’s way. Keep fighting and stay strong! 


Bend it for Beckam and Grayli Strong.

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