Help Us Help JAXTON!


Bend it for Beckam will always help raise money for Shriners Children’s hospital Philadelphia and to help BPI kids. We vow to help kids like Beckam. BPI was just one part of Beckam’s journey. He also suffered from unexplained seizures. As Beckam’s Angel month approaches we feel so strongly that Beckam would like for us to help a kid like him. All the signs led me to this awesome little Warrior Jaxton. I came upon his page randomly by one of my Facebook friends who had shared his page. When I saw his little Mohawk I knew Jaxton was the one that we are suppose to help. Jaxton was diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome. It is a rare form of epilepsy. It’s medicine resistant, progressive, and life-long. It’s not something that he will “outgrow”. Jaxton and his family moved from Ellerbe, NC to Philadelphia once he was diagnosed to be closer to his doctors. Jaxton is the only child being studied in the natural history trial of Dravet Syndrome in Philadelphia. Hopefully the work Jaxton is doing will help the doctors find a cure! He is such a warrior! You can follow Jaxton journey by going to their Facebook page: Jaxton’s Journey with Dravet. Please help me during Beckam’s Angel month give to this family in need of support, and encouragement. Anything will help this family even if it’s just praying for them or help bring awareness to this rare syndrome. 100% of donations through this Beckam’s Angel Month Facebook fundraiser will go to Jaxton. I hope you find it in your heart to help me honor my Beckam by helping a kid like him, Jaxton.